Innovate Tech Solution offers wide range engineering solutions in the field of FEA. We are a dedicated and experienced engineering team to use different kinds of FEA software products. We are not only specialized about using those programs but also we can improve your design in wide range of industries!

We have direct and validated experience in detailed stress analysis, linear dynamics (normal modes, sin sweep, PSD or seismic analysis), ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 pressure vessel analysis from heat exchangers to NQA-1 nuclear and likewise, from construction to transportation, nonlinear contact analysis for complicated assemblies and plastic thread design and many other fields.

We have also been active in the renewable energy field (use this in starting also) with complete mechanical stress and dynamic analysis of wind turbine systems, solar panels and photovoltaic systems. We live and breathe FEA analysis and our experience has been earned the hard way by having our models validated in test and in service for over 10 years.

Our work portfolio ranges from automobile radiator to solar reflector structure to industrial heat exchanger. The only commonality in our FEA consulting work is that every project has passed our clients’ requirements with flying colors. Contact us to discuss your project.

Area of Expertise

  • Static Analysis
    • Linear Stress Analysis
    • Deflection Analysis
    • Stiffness Analysis
    • Thermal Stress Analysis
    • Structural Discontinuity Analysis
    • Factor of Safety Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Harmonic Analysis
    • Random Vibration Analysis
    • Modal Analysis
    • Buckling Analysis
    • Frequency Response Analysis
    • Transient Dynamic Analysis
    • Multi Body Simulation Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
    • Thermal stress Analysis
    • Transient Thermal Analysis
    • Heat Transfer Analysis
    • Conduction, Convection & Radiation Analysis
  • Non-Linear Analysis
    • Thermal stress Analysis
    • Impact Analysis
    • Analysis of Material Non-Linearity
    • Drop Test Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
    • Fatigue Analysis of Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger as per ASME and DIN Standard
    • S-N Curve based Failure Analysis
    • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
    • High Cycle Fatigue Analysis

Head Office (India)

339-342, Siddharth Excellence, Opp. D-Mart, Vasna Road, Vadodara-390012

US Collaboration

Pahal Tech Solution
5747, Cedar Field Way, Houston Tx. 77084

Call us: 099981 95623 | Enquiries:
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