When it comes to Process Equipment Engineering Services, today’s industry decision-makers want the best products at the best price, designed to meet their operational and production needs. Process Equipment is a major investment that must be designed and operated with superior handling to deliver years of reliable performance.

To protect these investments, Petroleum and Petrochemical industries need assistance from an experienced consultant—one with strong knowledge, long experience and a history of success. Innovate Tech Solution is leading process equipment engineering service firms, has participated in the planning, design and development of many process equipment in several industrial projects. From new starts to system upgrades, our mission is to provide engineering service excellence in every project we undertake, to ensure that our clients’ process equipment systems are solid investments for the future.


  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE)

    With broad experience in Design and Engineering of ACHE, we have started ‘Domain Expertise’ services in ACHE. We have more than 15+ years of technical experience in design, erection and support for ACHE.

    We have been well-accepted by our clients for the impeccable quality of our systems. Apart from this, we execute all engineering activities for ACHE to fulfill the demands and requirements of our clients. Our services are in compliance with international quality standards & norms and are known for their cost-effectiveness, reliability, promptness, timely execution and personalization.

    We have all the necessary state-of-the-art facilities in-house that are required for executing the projects in an efficient manner. In addition to this, we have a team of expert professionals, who work in proper coordination with the customers to understand their demands & needs in a better way.

    Experience in ACHE

    We have wide range of experience in ACHE. Our ACHE product range includes forced, induced & natural draft systemshaving plug, cover header, split header.

    We have a depth knowledge of various ACHE design codes & standards including API 661, ASME Sec. VII Div.1 & Div. 2, TEMA for tube hole tolerance and grooving.

    We also familiar with various client & consultant specification. (Saudi Aramco, Technicas, Reunidas, Foster Wheeler, Engineers India Limited, Toyo, Jacobs, etc)

    Design Capabilities

    • Thermal Design
      • Optimization on capital cost basis
      • Optimization on life cycle cost basis
      • Rerating of existing units to ascertain process performance
    • Mechanical Design
      • CDE stamping requirement
      • Finite Element Analysis of header for nozzle loads, design by analysis of cover flange with bolts etc.
      • Rerating of existing units to establish integrity of unit for changed process conditions.
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
      • Complete 3D flow simulation to predict site specific air behavior minimizing positional hot air circulation.
    • Complete Specification for fans, motors, vibration sensors, drive transmission etc.
    • Piping layout & routing
      • With stress analysis and support design.
    • Structural Design
      • For equipment loads
      • piping loads transferred on to ACHE support structure
      • Separate pipe rack for ACHE unit header piping
    • General arrangement drawings
    • Complete set of fabrication drawings
      • Header and Tube bundle assembly
      • Plenum, fan ring & motor mounting structure
      • Drive transmission including fan shaft
      • Guards - for drives, tube bundle
      • Support structure - with walkways, handrails, ladders, staircase.
    • O & M manual, if required
      • Header and Tube bundle assembly
      • Plenum, fan ring & motor mounting structure
      • Drive transmission including fan shaft
      • Guards - for drives, tube bundle
      • Support structure - with walkways, handrails, ladders, staircase.

    Thermal Design Optimization

    We can do heat transfer design optimization based on

    • Use of maximum available tube length
    • Ensuring good velocities on process side
    • Optimum no. of tube passes to consume all available pressure drop to maintain good velocities and achieve better heat transfer performance.
    • Optimized fin height considering the controlling resistance to heat transfer
    • Ensuring high fin efficiency for best heat transfer
    • Smallest fan diameter required as per API 661 guidelines
    • Lower motor rating to ensure that power consumption to perform the required duty is not high
    • When power loading is part of BID evaluation - we optimize based on overall cost of ownership (Capital cost plus operating cost over the equipment life time)
    • In other cases, optimization is based on initial cost.

    Other Technical Support for ACHE:

    We also provide our expert support for

    • Bid stage design and bill of quantities for estimation purposes
    • Supervision and guidance during fabrication
    • Supervision for trial assembly at shop
    • Supervision for trial run at shop with fan blade angle setting, drive transmission alignment and establishing air flow parameters
    • Erection supervision at site
    • Assistance during commissioning & performance guarantee runs.
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

    We provide you with complete engineering support for the design and detailing of all types of shell and tube heat exchanger (STHE) units like

    • fixed tube sheet heat exchangers
    • U-tube heat exchangers
    • floating head heat exchangers
    • suction heaters

    Our support starts right from the proposal preparation up to technical acceptance in the prebid stage and up to final approval of technical documents (including as-built drawings) in the post order stage. This includes complete design of the heat exchanger, general arrangement drawings and fabrication drawings for all items. We also undertakes jobs on retrofit / replacement units and performance validation studies for existing STHE units.

  • Pressure Vessel, Columns & Reactors

    We assist you in design Of Pressure Vessels as well as giving you the complete mechanical design for the equipment as per the required code of construction.

    In the pre-order stage we provide you with data essential for you to do costing. In the post order stage, we do the following activities.

    • Complete mechanical design a per code of construction
    • Finite element analysis as per ASME Section VIII, DIV 2, Part 5
    • Design of SR nozzles
    • Design of supports – skirts, saddles, etc.
    • Design of ladder and platforms
    • General arrangement drawing
    • Detail fabrication drawings
    • Specifications for bought out items – valves, instruments, etc.

    The above support meets your requirement for all types of pressure vessels – process vessels, storage tanks, desecrators, feed storage tanks, flash tanks, reactors, process columns, etc. We also undertake jobs on retrofit / re-rating of existing pressure vessels due to changes in design / operating conditions.

  • Piping Design & Analysis

    We have wide experience in pipe routing and stress analysis to ensure that forces and moments transferred on static or rotating equipment are minimum and well within the limits specified by the equipment suppliers. Provision of adequate flexibility within the piping system ensures that this condition is met. For a given equipment layout, we can provide you with the best possible piping layout and perform stress analysis to ensure that the piping network is safe under all operating conditions.

    We regularly undertake piping stress analysis jobs that involve the following activities.

    • Static piping stress analysis
    • Dynamic piling stress analysis
    • Piping routing and isometrics
    • Piping support specifications
    • Design of piping supports

    Specifications for hanger type supports, if required as per analysis, will be given. Also, load data at various support locations will be given so that a proper structural design can be done. If, client desires, we can also undertake the structural design activity.

    Piping isometric drawings showing all dimensional data and support locations will be provided for fabrication purposes.

    Trans heat has experience in handling stress analysis of high pressure and high temperature piping as well as analysis of exotic piping materials like AL6XN, duplex steels, SMO 254, etc.

  • Structure design

    • Design of pipe racks, equipment support structures / technological structures
    • Design of skid frames for skid mounted systems
    • Design of lifting frames / spreader beams

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